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checkmark - SwifTarp features All users stay on the ground.
checkmark - SwifTarp features Eliminates the #1 safety concern when tarping loads -fall from heights.

checkmark - SwifTarp features 
Tarps loads in minutes.

checkmark - SwifTarp features Low unit cost tarping solution.
checkmark - SwifTarp features Fewer insurance claims due to untarped loads.
checkmark - SwifTarp features Improves yard efficiency.

checkmark - SwifTarp features Fits the workflow of any yard.
checkmark - SwifTarp features Attaches to either side of any forklift.
checkmark - SwifTarp features Tarps uneven and irregular loads.

checkmark - SwifTarp features Engineer-certified aluminum construction.
  • SHIPPERS - Keep your workers safe when tarping loads. Eliminate the need for fall arrest systems for tarping. Free

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  • DRIVERS - Safely tarp even irregular loads. Save your body for a long and productive career. No more heavy

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  • TRUCKING COMPANIES - Keep your drivers safely on the ground when tarping loads. Reduce driver injuries. Increase productivity. Keep

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  • “We no longer have drivers climbing up on their loads in order to roll out tarps. This system will always ensure that we prevent and eliminate the risk of falling from heights.” -Daniel Smith, Dispatch Supervisor

    - RONA Inc.
  • “The safety aspects of this alone are well worth the cost, but the savings in driver time is a productivity benefit to both the driver and the company.” -Keith DeBlaere, General Manager

    - Tenold Transportation LP
  • “From a management point of view, when a driver’s feet are on the ground, the claims are non-existent. The industry was overdue for a product such as this.” -Mark Berry

    - Berry & Smith Trucking Ltd.


  • Today’s Trucking Article

    Posted in: Blog , General , In The News by: Admin on November 3, 2014
    Today’s Trucking magazine ran a 2-page article, in August of 2014, about safety at the workplace, including the way truckers currently tarp their loads. Reporter  David D’Orazio described our SwifTarp tarping
  • Testimonial from Rona

    Posted in: Testimonials by: Admin on October 24, 2014
    The Transportation Division of RONA Inc are enjoying the many benefits of our revolutionary SwifTarp flatdeck tarping tool. Daniel Smith, Dispatch Supervisor, thanked us in writing for introducing them
  • Testimonial from Tenold

    Posted in: Testimonials by: Admin on October 24, 2014
    Tenold Transportation LP now has our SwifTarp flatdeck tarping tool in all their facilities across Canada. Keith DeBlaere, General Manager at Tenold, told us that the safety aspects alone are well
  • Testimonial from Berry & Smith

    Posted in: Testimonials by: Admin on October 24, 2014
    When testing our flatdeck tarping tool with their drivers, Mark Berry, of Berry & Smith Trucking Ltd.,  found SwifTarp to be an easy, quick, safe and inexpensive way to get


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